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Welcome buyers, sellers, friends, family, and associates to my site. I have been a real estate professional since July of 2002 and plan to retire in this career. I enjoy what I do very much and there is a certain satisfaction in helping people buy and sell their homes. For me, I don’t consider myself as much a salesperson any more and feel that I am more of a professional organizer to facilitate a smooth, painless transition for my clients that are buying/selling.

I am a wealth of knowledge and information in my profession. If I don’t have the answers or solutions to problems that may come up, as they inevitably do, I have the tenacity and resources to find them. I come from a construction background, helping my father build and renovate homes, landscaping, and running heavy equipment. All these facets of my life have helped my knowledge immensely in my field of work today. I still enjoy painting, landscaping, fencing, and building decks to this day and have been known to be the first to volunteer to help my friends and family with their projects.

In my personal time, I like being active and being with my friends and family. Being healthy is important to me and getting a good dose of activity daily is a must, no matter what I do. It could be going to the gym, playing some slow pitch or squash, going for a walk, working outside on landscaping, or even just mowing my lawn and spending time in my yard. I have learned to love the simple things in life. Working hard is something that I will never shy away from, yet I will always find a healthy balance for being active and being with my friends and family. Barbeque season is all year for me and I love having people to my home to have good eats and good company.

I have a nephew, Liam, who came into my life in 2000 and he has been the apple of my eye ever since. I like to spend time with him and adore his insights on life that he gives me. He is a great kid and I can’t help but want to be around him. If you give me a chance, I will talk about him and all his endeavours for a long time.